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Well, "lucky" me, had my second opt-out in less than 2 weeks yesterday.
DFW - Terminal D, first class/elite line. Well, "line" is not accurate because there was not a single traveler except me at this CP.

NOS did not appear to be in use but as I prepared to go through the WTMD, a smurf barked " take everything out of your pockets and step over here" pointing at the NOS.

I said "No". Fortunately no attitude or attempt to persuade me; the TSO simply radioed for a female assist. When I asked for my belongings to remain within my sight, another TSO gathered everything and brought it over. TSO performing the frisk was polite and efficient.

However, after my second frisk in two weeks, I am becoming even more concerned about the rapid deployment of these. Both of my opt-outs have really bothered me; even though the TSO this time behaved professionally and this was not an enhanced patdown, it really disturbed me to have to allow someone to run their hands over my body just to get on a plane.
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