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Originally Posted by mdjtlj View Post

Having gone through the same airport hundreds of times (IAH) with the same belt that I've worn for the past 15 years, they are now making us remove our belts at Terminal C Houston (Elite side)??????

...? This is an idiotic rule, perhaps they'd like to see my tightie whities on the belt?

This has gone way too far now. The shoes were bad enough, but understandable, but removing a strip of leather that holds your pants up? It's a damn piece of dried animal only a few millimeters thick, are they going to want us to start putting our body parts on the belt........
Although I made a suggestion up thread to buy a fabric belt and sew it onto your pants, since then I read someplace, don't think it was on TS/S, that the TSA forced someone to cut their sew-in, non-removable belt off their pants.
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