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“Do You Know Who I Am?”: The Definitive Thread of DYKWIA Stories

I wasn't gonna, but then he did the unthinkable in my book......

From my flight SFO - SLC,,,,

Dear Mr. 1A,

i know that you believe that you are very important. Your many travels to Asia and Europe sure are impressive, but I am not convinced that you really fly all that much. Well if you do, you are probably a self loving DYKWIA type that thinks that they are above the rules and everyone else on the flight....

At the gate you first planted yourself on that SP carpet owned it. Shortly after, the gate lice swarmed. Funny thing is... The arriving flight had not landed. When it looked like the outbound would be a little late, you swarmed the GA, despite her saying that it would be a quick turnaround.

Upon boarding you came from out of nowhere and quickly in habited your seat(no problem here).... But then despite being told to turn off electrical devices, your pants buzzed wildly during taxi-prior to take off....

Prior to landing you questioned your connection, but the FA was quick to inform you and the whole plane that they had no updates or any power over connections. Why didn't you just check it out on your laptop, which you insisted on using well past the announcement telling you to cease doing so.... You weren't the only one.

Upon landing, you had unbuckled your seat belt and scooched out of your seat well before the infamous ding..... All wss, but i do tend to have a huge issue when the door opens and you ran over the two GA's meeting the flight.... Very rude and unclassy.....

Hope you made your connection and that no other innocent GA's were taken out in the process.

Ps, to Mr. 2D,

Please pull up your pants before bending over in the aisle or stretching into the overhead bin. CRACK KILLS....

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