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Anybody know what the parking policy is at the IC Clement's parking structure? Is it 24 hours *from* the time you entered the structure?

Reason why I'm asking is because I'm going to the aquarium in the morning *first* and am planning to check into the hotel after we're done at the aquarium. So if we get there at 9-9:30am and park in the structure, my hope is that I would only be charged the $21/$18 until 9-9:30am the *next* morning (and by that time we'll have left).

I spoke with a parking attendant on the phone there and she said the clock/day resets at 12am every day... which made it sound like they charge based on a 24 hour clock starting at 12am. That wouldn't make much sense though and I'm sure ppl wouldn't be too happy if they checked in at 4pm, got charged for parking from 4pm-11:59pm and then got charged *again* from 12am and on.
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