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Hampton Inn & Suites Pantry - Complimentary Items?

Are some of the items in the Hampton Inn & Suites pantry always complimentary?

I am Diamond and I typically stay at Hampton Inn properties when I'm on the road. Whenever I stay at a Hampton Inn, I request a couple of bottles of water instead of the breakfast to go bags in the morning and they will usually go to the back and bring me out a couple of waters.

Whenever I'm at a Hampton Inn & Suites and I ask for a couple of bottles of water they usually just tell me to go the pantry and pick them up or they look at me like I'm crazy for asking.

When I checked a couple of nights ago into the Hampton Inn & Suites where I'm currently staying, they told me to go into the pantry and take a drink and a snack because I'm a Diamond (I do not have my preferences set for the free water and snack). Last night I stopped by the pantry and picked up a water, a soft drink, and a bag of chips. I showed the clerk what I was taking and told him my room number but he seemed wholly unconcerned. I am checking out today, but no receipt has been put under my door so I'm assuming I wasn't charged for my snacks (I am using points for this stay).

So, I guess my question is, are the snacks (candy bars & chips) and drinks (water and soft drinks) complimentary at Hampton Inn & Suites? Obviously they charge for some of the items in the pantry like frozen dinners and laundry detergent, but I was wondering if it is standard to just be able to walk in and get a free drink from the pantry without them looking at me like I'm stupid.

You'd think I'd have this figured out by now as much as I stay at this type of property, but I haven't seen a written policy or a sign about it so I don't know what the appropriate protocol is.

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