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This app is by Air France, right? Not developed maybe, but surely tested and approved?

It clearly must be, because like most things when first launched by Air France it doesn't work properly.

When I launch the application I get a screen telling me that the page cannot be displayed for whatever reasons, that I should try the refresh button (there isn't any), only the three buttons on the bottom do appear (Paramètres, Info, s'identifier). I can use Parameters to put in my FB number and PIN, but thenI cannot change the language, instead I get an error message saying that there is no network (which is wrong, as both safari and my emails work, so there is a network connection).

Great, so they have finally launched an iPhone app a loooong time after other airlines have done it, and then it doesn't even work on all iPhones.

I have downloaded and used (with different degrees of frequency) 174 other iPhone apps. I NEVER had this problem. Here comes Air France, and of course there is a bug - this is not to say that all iPhone apps are bug-free, but only to say that my phone has no recurring problem of crashing apps. And that I do have higher expectations from one of the world's leading airlines than I would from some hobby freelance developer. They had enough time to get it right, they are late anyway, so a little more time for making it more bug-free would have been OK.

AF has improved a number of things recently, but it still feels like a somewhat chaotic bug-ridden sloppy organization. Why, just why, can't they get something right from the beginning? Do things with less negligence, try to design something without bugs? This "faire les choses à moitié" really is annoying.
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