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Originally Posted by Kiwi Flyer View Post
You do realise that there is no such thing as an airport MCT. Airlines have MCTs and can (and do) vary by all sorts of factors...
Exactly. That is why the title is Minimum QF Connect Times. I am not especially interested in Air Tahiti Nui connect times. I just would like to know what MCT I can request to have ticketed and know that my bags and I will be looked after and eventually get to my destination if I miss the connection. I appreciate the risk on my part of being much later getting to my destination than I hoped.
Originally Posted by number_6 View Post
MCT ... rarely varies by airport
Yet the times I have been given for AKL and SYD are quite different both for Air Tahiti Nui and for QF, according to an agent. Reasonably, at least to me, simpler terminals and easier transfers for people and baggage between International and Domestic should make a difference in the time needed for people and their baggage to make another flight.
Originally Posted by number_6 View Post
...elite status allows for shorter MCT sometimes.
Anyone have further thoughts on this? QF PS? SG? WP?
Originally Posted by number_6 View Post
QF publishes the MCT in the GDS used by agents, so that is the definitive source...
Perhaps someone with access to a GDS can confirm whether the MCT for SYD and AKL listed above are correct for ticketing and whether MCT varies with elite status.
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