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Australia/NZ Minimum Connect Times for Principal Airports

Is there consolidated MCT information or various airports in Australia/NZ somewhere (on the QF website or on a Flyertalk wiki)?
If so, I apologize but I have been unable to find it.

QF telephone agents seem more interested in communicating "safe" connect times. For example, I was told by a QF agent that at AKL I should allow 3 hours QF international to QF international. I also know that I have made 35 minute int-int connections when required by a late plane, so 3 hours just seemed a bit OTT. Then she asked if I was a "premier" member (Never heard that term before as a QFF.) and when I arbitrarily said "Yes." she said that 90 minutes would be fine. I still do not know what the actual minimum connect time is for ticketing. When I asked about non-QF international to QF-international, I was also given 90 minutes as a response.

If not, there should be a source of this information somewhere for Flyertalk folks to use. Air Tahiti Nui publish very helpful info for their customers, but I could not find the same with QF, nor do I have reliable information as to whether the same times apply to QF.

So, on the assumption there is not MCT info readily available for QF, to start off a table, here is what I have found for SYD, AKL and CNS:

Air Tahitinui's times, with QF agent-provided times in italics:
Can anyone confirm that some or all of these MCT apply to QF tickets?
Sydney Airport
- From Domestic Flight to Domestic Flight: 30 min
- From Domestic Flight to International Flight: 1h
- From International Flight to Domestic Flight: 1h15 (same as QF agent gave me for QFint-QFdom, shorter than the 90 min she gave for non-QFint-QFdom)
- From International Flight to International Flight: 1h
From http://www.airtahitinui-usa.com/airports/sydney.asp

Auckland Airport
NOTE: The times listed represent the absolute minimum connection times, but the times shown do not guarantee a connection. Due to regular airport congestion Air Tahiti Nui recommends adding at least 30 minutes to the guidelines below.
- International to International:
1 Hour 15 Minutes (QF agent gave me 90 minutes)
- International to Domestic:
1 Hour 30 Minutes
- Domestic to International:
1 Hour 15 Minutes
From http://www.airtahitinui-usa.com/airports/auckland.asp

Cairns Domestic to Domestic: QF Agent gave 60 minutes
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