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Originally Posted by Allitali View Post
Not to piggyback on Xeno's post, but after reading 51 pages of this thread I understand I have to fly in and out of BNA, but can't find an answer to my specific question. If I am already planning a one way from BNA to MCO, would I still get the 10K bonus if I booked a RT flight but never took the return flight back to BNA?

Flying up direct to BNA with friends on Southwest and would be willing to book a roundtrip home on Delta if I could score the points!

Thanks for your help!

No. You didn't fly the return, so you wouldn't even earn the regular mileage (and any Medallion bonus, if appropriate), and therefore you wouldn't get the DMQM and the bonus RDM.

In addition, you may or may not get DMQM and 5k bonus (half of 10k) for just the outbound. DL might also take it away for not completing the RT. No one has posted regarding the dropping of a return leg. People have posted that they got the bonus on a one-way but someone also said the miles were taken away too. YMMV.
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