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Thank you BiH.

Mind boggling that after all this time that they can't present something as simple as a steak that's edible; once upon a time it was a fillet of beef carved on a trolley, but if they persistently can't provide a decent, basic steak, why are they bothering? BA, bear in mind that passengers in F are potentially paying $ 000s. Pathetic

I've only seen the laminated F seat plans at SFO which I thought was quite a nice touch.

I don't entirely get the whole 'amuse bouche' thing. Being BA it is obviously a cost cutting thing over the previous canape 'selection' of 3 items. At least with 3 small items there was a chance that non-seafood, vegetarians etc etc might actually get something they could enjoy. This way it is 'take it, or leave it' with a high chance that many passengers just don't want what's thrust at them (and who wants to eat with a plastic spoon?)

I am going to start a campaign to bring back a tray of various canapes that are passed around with drinks after take-off so that passengers can actually choose what suits them.

Great report that just about sums it up for BA F which can be described as a Curate's Egg. Saw the news about Jancis Robinson - watching from here to see if there is a further descent in quality in the wines, which IME have tended to be a high point on BA. We can't afford to splash out willy nilly on F travel; we enjoyed LX recently and will probably keep a watch on BA to see if we can get the new F cabin but will stay away unless we hear that ground handling and Food/Beverage are enhanced (in the true meaning of the word).

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