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SANSA Regional
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
Seats: Just behind the Pilots

The domestic terminal is a corrugated iron shed located next to the brand spanking new main terminal at SJO. We walked through the car park and into the shed where check-in was located. SANSA Regional don't have an interline agreement with anyone other than their parent airline, TACA. With this in mind, as a separate ticket, we padded out our connection time but had arrived just in time for the flight before ours. The change fee was small, smaller in fact than our excess baggage charge; the allowance was a mere 12kg per person. To the right of check-in was security where I lost my deodorant. Nothing flammable was allowed on board. When I protested that had I put it in my checked baggage, they wouldn't have known, the man smiled and said "you should have". I received a ticket which I could use to collect said items on my return.

We sat in the holding area which could hold no more than 20 people for 10 minutes or so, before they asked those traveling to Quepos to board. Aside from the four of us, there were two other passengers. As I handed over my reusable laminated boarding pass, I was asked to follow our Captain who led us on board.

There it was. I had never been in a plane so small before. As I grinned with excitement, Mrs BiH got out a magazine, a move she later confessed helped take her mind off what she thought was going to be a frightening experience. After the First Officer had completed a visual inspection of the plane, he entered the cockpit and the Pilots went through the pre-flight checklist.

We taxied out to the runway and following a short take-off roll, climbed into the clear blue sky. The aircraft shook a bit during the climb but as we steadied out at our cruising height the ride was smooth. The flight time was approximately 20 minutes and at the halfway point, I got my first glimpse of the Pacific coast

Quepos and Manuel Antonio National Park.

We began our descent, but I couldn't quite see what we were descending towards. Suddenly, from between the trees (as I thought, sugar plants as I later discovered) I saw the runway.

We came in hard and fast and the brakes were slammed hard as the wheels hit the ground. The aircraft quickly slowed down and we parked in a tiny area just off the runway. As I got off the plane, I took a photo from our end of the runway looking back towards the other.

We walked across the runway to the terminal (a corrugated iron garage) whilst our bags were retrieved from the hold.

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