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Originally Posted by txrus View Post
I am also going to be on I-Drive the weekend of 8-10 & am finding very high rates for any property I've looked at. Then I looked @ the Orlando Convention Center Calendar & figured out why-the American Dental Association is holding their national mtg that week & I'm guessing the hotels are hoping to make a killing. I suspect, though, that as the actual date gets closer & they still have rooms open, the prices will drop.
You'd be right about the convention and the rates. It's a huge trade show/convention. I attended the FL Dental Association show last year and it was packed, I can't imagine how big the ADA show is going to be.

As for the DT Int'l Drive - I've stayed at this property probably 4-5 times this year. I've never really used the facilities or eaten at the restaurants, so I can't comment on those aspects. One thing I can say, is that the "resort" rooms in the 2 story buildings are actually a little bit nicer than the Tower rooms. They have hard wood floors, whereas the Tower has carpet.

My biggest complaint about this property is the crappy parking situation. And they charge you $8-10 bucks a night on top of it. If you're staying in a Tower room, wherever you park, is going to be a haul to the main building.

Oh, and for those who don't bring their own hair dryer - the DT keeps them in cloth bags on the bag of the bathroom door in the Tower rooms. Confused the heck out of a co-worker last time. She couldn't find it and eventually had to call down to the front desk to find out where they were hiding them.