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Originally Posted by AdMEL View Post
I'll preface this by saying I don't know for sure, but given Hertz allow you to specifically book a Mustang convertible, at about double the cost of a Standard convertible, I doubt whether they will be giving you a Mustang when you book a standard convertible (Sebring or similar), but I'd be interested to hear if I'm wrong.
I'm a Gold member, and about to get a convertible at LAX.
Hertz offer a guarenteed mustang for a premium price - they also do this for various other cars in the Premium range.
If, however, you book a 'standard' convertible, then you will get whatever they have there, which could well include the Mustang.

What it's best to do, in my experience, is ask the CSR to put a note on the booking/reservation, requesting the car you want if it's available (it's worked 4 times out of 5 for me)
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