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Originally Posted by Boggie Dog View Post
Exactly where can I find the exact details of the search procedure I am voluntarily submitting to?

If I find out I will be subject to a pat down can I withdraw at that point?

Without that information consent has not been given.
Thank you!

I've spent the last little bit searching the TSA website for a public announcement on the new "enhanced pat downs", and the closest I could find was the following:

Q. If a passenger does not wish to be screened using advanced imaging technology, do they have options?

A. This technology is optional to passengers in the U.S. Passengers who opt out of imaging technology screening will go through alternative screening, including same-gender pat downs. Passengers flying to the U.S. from international destinations should check with the country from which they are flying regarding that nationís policies. For more information on use of advanced imaging technology in the U.S., visit

Nowhere does TSA admit on their website, that pat downs will now involve the groping of a passenger's genital area. Nor have I seen signage or public announcements at airports detailing what a passenger can expect during an "enhanced pat down".

Even if the TSA agents were to inform passengers in very plain language that they would be squeezing their naughty bits, it still doesn't imply consent, unless the passenger openly says that the TSA agent may continue with their search.
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