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Originally Posted by exerda View Post
I was not permitted to opt out in RIC on Saturday evening. I told the WTMD moat dragon that I would undergo a secondary and pat-down, but that I would not go through the Nude-o-Scope. She said it was NOT an option. If I wasn't at T-10 minutes for my flight to board, I would have stood firm.
I opted out two weeks ago at RIC. They made a big fuss that it was perfectly safe and that I was being silly. When I still refused they had to turn on the WTMD since it must not have been used all day. It took about a minute to warm up and they had to test it a few times before I could go through.

Belt and shoes were off and all pockets had to be emptied. They graciously picked up my computer and bag and carried them over to be swabbed where I could watch them. Got the full pat down and was on my way.

It is going to be a long fall........
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