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I was not permitted to opt out in RIC on Saturday evening. I told the WTMD moat dragon that I would undergo a secondary and pat-down, but that I would not go through the Nude-o-Scope. She said it was NOT an option. If I wasn't at T-10 minutes for my flight to board, I would have stood firm.

I went over to the Nude-o-Scope and the agent there said, "Have you taken everything out of your pockets?" I explained that NO, I still had my wallet, as I was not about to be separated from it. I further explained that I would be willing to go through pat-down and secondary, but he also insisted that was not an option; I believe his exact words were, "You can get a pat-down, but only after you go through this scan."

He did at least take my wallet over to the x-ray, have me come over, watched it run through, then immediately collected it and brought it to me at the Nude-o-Scan and let me hold it there. I suppose at least the guy was willing to understand my concern that I not have my wallet out of my sight, and worked with me as well he could on that. (Very stupid though that the Nude-o-Scope requires everything go through x-ray, including things which could go through the WTMD no problem. You'd think if the Nude-o-Scope were so effing great, it would be able to deal with a wallet.)

I did keep my contact lenses in my pocket. I figured if they asked why I dissed them on that and made me miss my flight, I'd just get a rental car and drive home; I wasn't about to let someone else handle something I put in my eyes, even if just the case they were in. FWIW, the lens case caused no problems at the Nude-o-Scan (I was expecting them to think they had the BIG CATCH (tm) and a liquid bomber on their hands).

If I hadn't been so short on time, I would have demanded supervisors like crazy, but this was the last flight of the day and was boarding very shortly.

At this point, I suspect an e-mail complaint to TSA will go nowhere.
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