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I've read through the entire thread and have a few questions before gambling on OT.

There will be two of us flying CPH-MCO in late October or early November, returning late November. We may end up on SK but I'd really like a high chance of an upgrade, at least to E+, if not C.

We no longer have any status with SK, but are *G with CO. We also will not have any SK miles left for standby upgrades at the gate (the last 50,000 miles we have available are expiring in September).

1. Any idea whether the routing via EWR or IAD has a higher chance of upgrade with OT for that time of year?

2. Is there any way to check OT options and upgrade pricing before booking a ticket?

3. I understand that OT will charge for the upgrade, and refund if it isn't successful. Since our only charge cards are either in USD or DKK, I guess that means we could have a loss on currency exchange when the refund comes through?

4. As far as I understand, we can purchase the least expensive coach ticket and still apply for the OT upgrades, correct? Are there any indications that the original ticket price, or fare class, has any influence on success of OT upgrade?

5. Does one's status either with SK or * have an influence on success? I assume we'd be better off putting the CO FF number on the record since we are *G with CO, vs. our EBB FF number (no status), correct or not?

6. Any recent experiences of the price of OT upgrades for the TATL routes, either to E+ or C? It sounds like most of the upgrades to E+ are in the range of 170 - 200, and to C are 400 or more, true?

Any advice is appreciated.

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