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I'm sure this previous "upgrade policy" wasn't in writing so how do you expect them to communicate this change to prospective guests? Send an email to everyone who makes a reservation...."if you received an upgrade in the past please be aware we no longer provide complimentary upgrades"?

Sorry, but just because for 6 years you were lucky and received a free upgrade doesn't mean you have any reason to complain now. This Marriott property has changed their policy. If you don't like it you can always stay elsewhere.

We have all stayed at a property where things are different than they were on a previous trip (maybe they used to have a free airport shuttle but discontinued it, maybe they offered free breakfast coupons on the weekend but don't anymore). It happens and you can either pay for the upgrade or stay somewhere else. You can also let the manager know why you have decided to stay somewhere else. This hotel might decide to go back to the old policy if they realize they are losing business. Or the new policy might produce enough new revenue that they decide to keep charging for upgrades. In these tough economic times it's not surprising that they would try to get some extra $$ for an upgraded room.
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