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Originally Posted by matthew gulino View Post
So, one of the major reasons I choose to vacation year after year at the Marco Island Marriott is the fact that they have, without fail, always upgraded my room view to a "gulf front" upon asking at check-in. This is something like 6 years in a row. It isn't something that I "expect" if they're full, but given the availability, they have always been generous with these rooms. This time, I'm here in August (pretty much their lowest season) so I expected it to be easy...not so much.

At Check-in I was informed that an upgrade to the gulf front view would be an extra $69 a night. A suite would be $129 a night extra. I explained that, even as a lowly silver elite, I had always been comped the view upgrade in the past. She admitted that this had previously been the policy, but stated that the policy had changed and refused to provide a complimentary upgrade. I further explained that I return to this hotel year after year in part because they are so generous with the upgrades. She refused to budge. I explained that I was very disappointed with this very recent change, especially considering that it had not been communicated to their repeat customers. The change was two weeks old apparently. Again, she refused to do anything. At this point, I was visibly upset with the situation, but the front desk clerk did not even think it wise to maybe get her manager to defuse the situation. Instead she continued to check me into the garden view room.

On my way up the elevator I was no longer in a mood to spend money. I considered how I was going to "show them" and not spend a dime on the property. Then I started thinking about how little fun that would be, and really the best thing for both me, and the Marco Island Marriott would be to check out. The Hilton down the street (yes, technically an inferior property to the Marriott) was offering the same rate and a Gulf Front view, so I proceeded to check out.

This time, the same clerk who checked me in finally seemed to care that this was a big deal to me. She asked if she could chat with her manager to see if there was something they could do. She came back and said that this time they would provide a complimentary upgrade for me, but in the future their policy was that I would have to pay.

I'm not sure if this only affects silver elites, or if this new policy extends to golds and plats too, but either way, I was very disappointed.

I know that a complimentary upgrade should not be expected as a silver elite, but it had previously been policy at this particular hotel, and to change that without any kind of heads up leads to a great deal of disappointment at check-in. Furthermore, a great number of their guests are repeat customers, and I wonder how many of them will feel when they find out about this new policy at check-in.

Maybe a comp room upgrade isn't a deal breaker for most people, but for me it was a small token that they provided that ALWAYS put a smile on my face and a good deal of extra incidental money in their pocket. I understand that all guests aren't like me, but I'm still sad to see the comp upgrades go.

I know there are many Marco Island Marriott fans on this board, so just a heads up guys!

By the way, I intend to write the GM before I leave to let him know how I feel about this policy. I encourage anyone else who feels similarly to do the same.
Personally think you over-reacted and acted like a 2-year who didn't get his/her way. You remind me of Delta DM that whine when they don't get there 1st class upgrade comp. If you want 1st Class pay for it. If you want Gulf Front View...pay for it.

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