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Originally Posted by mlad1101 View Post
There are plenty of US cent holders on FT and Im sure not a single one can attest to getting an invite with lower than 250k spend since 2005 on.
i "qualified" with $150K spent although i called them to ask about it rather than getting invited. i am not sure if you were being technical (being invited vs. asking if qualify) but i did get my biz cent with <$250K and this was well after '05 (i think in '06 or even early '07 without going back and looking at my records).


p.s. i since "switched" my biz cent to personal cent (which also a lot of FTers said was not possible) and subsequently canceled it. i didn't have any special relationship with amex, i don't think, and i still don't.

p.p.s and if any of you want to make statements such as "it simply didn't happen. move on" then i'd be happy to show the two canceled cards i have - nobody asked them for me to send it back and i have them in my business card holder box somewhere. then again, i guess it doesn't prove that i switched from one to the other, oh well.
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