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Originally Posted by alanh View Post
That would be my question too. If he can pay the merchants directly in cash, why does he need you? Whenever unnecessary steps are introduced into a payment chain, it starts sending up money laundering red flags.

That doesn't always mean there is money laundering going on, there could be another explanation. But you should know what the explanation is.

Well, actually he looks like he's doing fine dealing cash and he doesn't need me. But I feel like if I approach him and offer to use my card for his expenses, he will say no problem.

I won't do it for MR points, I won't do it to qualify or possibly get a Centurion. First of all, I won't probably qualify because of my income, then even if I qualify, I won't pay $7,500 to get it and $2,500 every year to keep it, because I probably won't use any of the perks.

I'm clarifying one more time, everyone is talking about "spend everything on the card, charge everything on amex to spend 250K". No one mentioned about this part, therefore I asked.

As for his cash, I don't know why he deals in cash or use only cash. As I said he's a good customer that has been shopping from us for a year now. He's not a friend or anything.
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