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Originally Posted by taipeiflyer View Post
hey centurion, all my credit cards are US based, despite my handle. maybe i am an anomaly. i have never spent anywhere near 250G+ in one year. i rejected the offer, because i dont get enough benefits out of the card to justify the price, and i wont get one just to say i have it. as for the topic at hand, not only will he get heat from the irs, but he is surely setting himself up for a financial review, and will end up having his account closed altogether. i would suggest he stops charging up everything for everyone, and suggest his SO, his SO's mother, and other random people he knows get their own credit cards and charge their own purchases.
I'd love to know what your relationship with AMEX is that you were invited to cent spending <250K a year, and don't forget its all your Amex cards combined spend. Unless you are talking years ago when the spend was less. I was invited when it first rolled out, didn't see use for the cost so didn't get it. I avg. around 180-200k a year spend with Amex and haven't had any invitations in years. (Not that I really go out of my way to ask.) I believe I had asked about it in passing while on the phone with plat a year or 2 ago and was told my spend was low. So very curious as to how someone with lower spend gets/got the invite.
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