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Originally Posted by Centurion View Post
For United States card holders it really was 250k a year PAID not spent. You may be getting confused about other Centurion countries. Let's forget about the spend issue and try and get back on the main topic of this thread which in the OP case would most likely result in MONEY LAUNDERING
hey centurion, all my credit cards are US based, despite my handle. maybe i am an anomaly. i have never spent anywhere near 250G+ in one year. i rejected the offer, because i dont get enough benefits out of the card to justify the price, and i wont get one just to say i have it. as for the topic at hand, not only will he get heat from the irs, but he is surely setting himself up for a financial review, and will end up having his account closed altogether. i would suggest he stops charging up everything for everyone, and suggest his SO, his SO's mother, and other random people he knows get their own credit cards and charge their own purchases.
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