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Originally Posted by neko View Post
Just flew USA-CPH on a discount economy (W) ticket with an optiontown upgrade to C and only received 25% points.

I've gotten points for the upgraded class the two other times I've successfully used optiontown, so I guess this is new from 1 august. I'd be curious to know whether other people have seen this for very recent flights.

I didn't try upgrade the outbound (it was already booked in Q so 100% points and I figured the flight would be overbooked anyhow). It was an open-jaw ticket, purchased on travelocity rather than SK website, though I don't see that this would matter.

For me, this pretty much makes optiontown useless, since I'd rather spend the money on making sure of 100% points than on getting the upgrade+25% points.

Same happened to me once, and I just emailed OTs customer service and received points for the upgraded class a few weeks later. This was on a UA codeshare, which I think messed up some things.
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