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Originally Posted by RNE View Post
This sucks for non-elites. Why should I pay for these benefits when I'm not getting 'em? Like the PC members who get a discount on their annual fee, we non-elites deserve a lower fee or give us the miles and reward upgrade benefits. There's no reason non-elites can't get them. We're waiting, CO & Chase!

P.S. Scott, if you're back from Mars yet, what do you have to say about this? Well???
Sometime your arguments have some logic to them my dear RNE, but this ain't one of then.

The benefits for non-elites are already generous on this card:
-Elite Access ticketing, security, and boarding lines.
-2 free checked bags.

Elites already get these, are you suggesting that elites should also get a reduced fee on the card because they already have those benefits?

The card offers some benefits that appeal to elites (Bonus RDM, mileage ticket upgrades) and other benefits that appeal to non-elites (Elite Access, 2 free checked bags) as well as benefits that appeal to both (Pres Club access, FEQM's.)

Perhaps as an Avis Chairman and Hyatt Diamond member I should ask for a fee reduction as a I don't need Avis Pres. or Hyatt Platinum...
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