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I was there on July 1st and 2nd before moving over to the Grand Hyatt. You are correct! The RC is beautiful and the food and beverage options were good. My least favorite part of the club were the crying children and the kids playing on the computers. Is it too much to ask that people watch their kids? It's the Regency Club not your living room.

The other thing about this property that I had forgotten was that the level of service declines when they have a convention. Lines at check-in, the consierge, the bell stand, and no one answering the phone anywhere. I detest the elevator situation here. It was not uncomman to wait 5 to 10 minutes for one that was not full.

The Regency S.F. and the Grand S.F. each have 6 elevators. I never have to wait long at the Grand and I'm usually on floor 30 or above. At the Regency it takes forever from floors 16 and 17.
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