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Originally Posted by thc View Post
The breakfast is awesome. Honestly, the best breakfast I've ever had at any Hyatt. Plus each voucher is good for 4 people.

Love the biscuits and sausage gravy.
Perhaps that was a high season offering.

In may breakfast was average with horrendous service.

Some "highlights": waited for coffee 10 min, for pancakes 20 min and they arrived dead cold, when we went to buffet someone took our table, when we went to buffet again a waiter moved our umbrella to another table - it was surreal.
Asked to speak with manager - noone showed up...
I suspect they hire some temps in the off season who could not care less.

Restaurant issues stretched beyond breakfast: we arrived at 10 pm and all food options were closed including room service, after some arguing they agreed to bring a few appetizers but we soon realized that a meal was not meant to happen that night - sliders were severely undercooked (I guess the kitchen staff really wanted to leave) and a bottle of perrier arrived half frozen - we sent everything back.

Major on the restaurant but the rest was fine.
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