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Originally Posted by cfischer View Post
yeah, plus I got the best rate for the Ren ... haven't tried to get the Marriott down. Does the Marriott have a lounge?
The old Marriott on Best Rd. has 1 concierge level - but it has been a while since I have been there - Their discount rates are down in the $74 range, with the new Gateway opening up the street. The new GateWay Marriott (closer to the event - but still on the other side of the freeway) doesn't open until August - but at a higher rate. The REN - not sure - older, next to runways, with a likely lounge.

The Hilton does look nice and it may be worth it for the weekend when the lounges are closed. Everyone at the Hilton - unless they have status (or know someone) will likely not be able to get in the lounge. The Courtyard and Res Inn are right next door - but looks like a fence separates so you would have to walk to the street before cutting through the Hilton parking lot. AAA rate with breakfast at Courtyard is $80. After all - this is flyertalk so everyone wants to maximize their benefits. But obviously the Hilton would be the most convenient. Need to see the schedule and see if their is even time to use a lounge on Wed/Thur - then decide.


Update: Checked some of the reviews the Courtyard and Res Inn and they are bad. Not stayed at either, but my overall experience with ATL hotels is that you need to be staying at one of the major brand Full Service hotels in the ATL airport area. Anything else is iffy.

The net is - Hilton is likely the best choice - since you do not need a car. The FS Marriott/gateway or REN would be good - but then you need a car.

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