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Originally Posted by eponymous_coward View Post
That's fine- and then we'll see airlines cease service until such time as supply and demand balance out in such a way that the airline service provided is valuable to whatever customers do fly, as well as to an airline.

"We lose money on each sale, but make up for it in volume" is a lousy way to run an airline, though I am sure it would be considered "customer-centric".
Yeah... $250-300 is probably one of the highest average CPM [around 17 CPM] out of all routes between every major cities across the lower 48... Whats more, PDX and LAX should be one of AS's lower "cost" operations [if use ABC system, the hub airports should be one of the cheaper airports per flight unless something is afoul], so PDX-LAX can afford to be lower rather than say PDX-BUR/ONT/SNA.

They better start dropping fares ex PDX or they are going to lose PDX PDX is not hub captive like ANC or SEA [SEA is borderline captive just like MSP even with LCCs].

Some routes can afford to have higher fares, some just can't and remember CA is still struggling financially, so you have to factor that in... Other states should recover faster than "The Golden State"
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