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Until the fares for this route goes down around the same level as LAX-DEN, they won't be seeing much traffic. Welcome to the era of the customer-centric market. If we do not value the price for the service we will obtain, you betcha we ain't flying!
That's fine- and then we'll see airlines cease service until such time as supply and demand balance out in such a way that the airline service provided is valuable to whatever customers do fly, as well as to an airline.

"We lose money on each sale, but make up for it in volume" is a lousy way to run an airline, though I am sure it would be considered "customer-centric".

Also, this sort of bodes poorly for the "We less than three PDX" initiative if PDX-LAX isn't doing so hot. I would think LAX is one of AS's largest potential O/D markets out of PDX.
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