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Originally Posted by RASMguy View Post
Not quite, although FLG/PRC is very disappointing, we still fly from LAX to RNO/STS/MMH/LTO/LAP/ACV/RDD/MFR and soon SJC.
I would agree that we still have a fair amount of service from LAX but losing RDM, BOI, FLG and PRC from LAX in one fell swoop isn't a little bit of bad news for the LAX base. Let's not forget about the cancellation of YYC, GEG and SFO flights on AS. Yes, they are gaining 4 new SJC flights on Horizon. We'll see how long those last competing against $49 fares on 10 Southwest flights a day, 3 United Express flights a day and 6 American Eagle flights a day. I hope they do great but the LAX schedule isn't as robust as it used to be when you look at AS and QX combined.
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