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I'll just post the same thing I did on a.net on here and see what you folks have to say. Sorry if being so critical of QX ruffles some feathers...

I wondered how much longer some of the mid/longer distance regional flights into LAX would last after GEG-LAX was axed last year. I can't say I'm shocked to see LAX-BOI and LAX-RDM are among the casualties. In addition, the BOI--IDA service seemed like it was always having some sort of a sale, so I'm sure the route struggled. Hopefully QX doesn't just exit the mid/longer regional routes altogether, but it certainly seems they are trending that way. I just don't see their product with 29" pitch and no recline as competitive against all their competition that seem to be adding F to 70 seat RJs, let alone a mainline flight from anyone else. That's coming from an AS MVPG, too. I like the complimentary wine/beer, but I'd need an awful lot of it to willingly sit on QX for more than an hour.
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