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Originally Posted by RNE View Post
Got my bonuses Monday, all but 2500 of the 15,000 portion. Called the phone number number (thank you, rufftackle) and was told the missing 2500 will appear in July.

6/14/2010 Chase Checking Bonus 10,000
6/14/2010 Continental Debit Bonus 12,500
I had a similar issue where the 10,000 posted along with 12,500. The missing 2,500 and the bonus purchase miles (1 for every $2 for me) went to a brand new OnePass account Chase decided to create for me.

Not sure how they got split up in the first place, but CO merged the two and Chase now knows of my correct OP number.

I was able to figure this out by looking online at my chase account, "showing debit card rewards" and the new OP was there, and I simply created a logon for it and I saw my phantom miles.
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