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747-438 (744) /4/J/23J and K

For some reason, my wife and I seem to keep being assigned these seats when we get upgraded travel; this is now the third time we have flown 23J and 23K together. Therefore have good basis to judge them. The same applies to 23 AB as well I would imagine.

23J and 23K are lower deck, first row of Business Class just behind First Class. As noted on seatguru and other such sites, these seats have AVOD screens in the arm rest, not in the seat back. This is a major advantage for comfort and viewing pleasure, especially since it can be hard to see darker scenes in movies unless you get the viewing angle right. I don't watch a lot of movies on long-haul (sleep is my friend!), but the in arm rest screens are significantly better.

The extra leg room is also very important. When fully extended seats in other rows essentially place your feet under the person in front. In 23JK, the seat+feet just about reaches the bulkhead meaning that one is less cramped; taller pax (I am 5'10") might be able to squeak a few extra inches too, by not using the built in foot rest. Getting in and out of these seats is not only easier for the person on the window side (my wife is often up and about since she tends to sleep less and demands the window seat), but also less distracting for the person on the aisle side.

The location is, IMO, perfect. At the front of the lower-deck J cabin, you get served first for all meals so there are no meal-choice issues and food tends to be hotter and, just generally, it's nicer to get the food out of the way sooner rather than later. And since the cabin in front is curtained off and only for the lucky people in F class, you get no passenger movement around you and no distraction from galley / toilets.

The one downside: consistently, the storage bin above the aisle seat (J) is used for the fancy bedding for the first-class passengers. Not only does this mean one's own carryon luggage needs to go elsewhere (so get on first!), but it means some interruptions to blissful travel while the FAs put stuff up and down. But, this happens normally a) just after dinner while not yet sleeping on the way out and b) just before breakfast.
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