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Originally Posted by pr57001 View Post
We have about 10 employees with Corporate cards. I have linked mine to my MR account.

Is it possible to link my MR account to other cards in our company under other people's names?
Sorry in advance for the long detailed reply - but if you're curious, then...

Here's why the answer is no, unfortunately:

You could say that there are three types of Amex cards:
1. Personal
2. Business
3. Corporate

Numbers 1 and 2 are guaranteed by an individual, the primary cardholder, who is ultimately responsible for payment on the account.
Credit limits are based on the primary cardholder's personal circumstances as well - and in some instances even the Business account appears on the PCH's credit report.
If you are the PCH, your overall Amex history is based on your Personal and Business account.
Numbers 1 and 2 used to both be examined to determine status such as Plat and Cent eligibility (now they delineate between 1 and 2 and keep them in their own sub-categories).

Thus, in 1 and 2 any MR points flow upward to the PCH's account.

With regard to number 3 - this is a different type of credit file with Amex, and the corporation as a legal entity is the one responsible for repayment.
There is no PCH - just a Master Account and Program Gatekeeper.

A corporate account (as in number 3) has a global credit limit, to be shared among all cards in the master account, which is determined by turnover, history, company bank records, and the occasional submitting of audited financials.
In the case of Number 3 - since Amex really hasn't developed the concept of a corporate-owned MR account - each cardholder can choose to enroll his/her card in their personal MR account.
The program gatekeeper cannot collect individual cardholders' MR points, since they are earned on the cardholder level, not the account level.

If the employee/cardholder already has their own Personal Amex card with MR - they can merge everything into the (personal) MR account.

Depending on the company's Master account agreement with Amex, sometimes a Corporate card program will have the MR feature deactivated - so none of the employees can collect.
This is usually done when Amex offers the company some special terms/benefits which are contingent on forfeiting the ability of that account to collect MR points.
Other times, the gatekeeper may elect to block a particular employee from collecting MR points (this almost never works effectively, since the employee can just call and try to re-enroll, then get kicked off, then re-enroll, etc etc)

But in a nutshell
- a Personal and Business card is an account held by a PCH that is an individual (and who earns all the MR points).
- a Corporate card is an account not held by a physical PCH, just a corporation who guarantees the credit line and payment - and thus (since there is no PCH to consolidate MR points to) each issued card can independently collect MR points (in total isolation to anyone else in the account).
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