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$600 domestic VDB data point

Originally Posted by tjtenor4 View Post
Sitting @ SMF and just overheard the GA say to another pax that the standard (and only) comp offered for VDBs now is the $400 TCs, and she gave a start date for that policy of May 18th.
Originally Posted by WillTravel View Post
For a recent VDB, I got $400 credits for an overnight, plus a hotel stay, plus a $15 food voucher.

The next morning, I got another VDB, with a flight scheduled for about 11 hours later, with a seat in F, a $15 food voucher, and $400 in travel credits.

These were for ORD-YVR.
Originally Posted by PremEggsec View Post
One week ago, I was bumped going from SFO to YVR and was compensated $600 TC (4X$150 certs) plus a hotel and meal. They also put me in F on the new flight.

Actually, when i was boarding, I asked if they were looking for VDBs, and the GA asked my seat number and said he'd remember it and let me know if they needed anyone. I sat down and got comfortable in my F seat (UDU) and after almost everyone had boarded, the GA came on and let me know that they needed my seat.

So, in the bump world, is YVR considered international, even though from the UDU perspective it is clearly not? They were not publicly asking for volunteers, so the $600 price was not reached because no one was biting.
My brother (A 1P) was flying domestic out of ORD yesterday and put himself on the volunteer list. The G/A initially stated that they wouldn't need volunteers. Near the end of boarding she come onboard and asked him if he was still willing to give up his seat and offered $600 in TCs. He took the offer and was rebooked on the same routing less than 2 hours later.

It turned out that his re-booked flight was oversold and they announced that they needed volunteers. He jumped at that one too and got $400 more TCs for another sub 2 hour delay and re-book with the same routing. He also scored the UDU on his rebooked flight ^.

So it appears that the G/As have some flexibility in handing out VDB comp. I'm just not sure what impact his being pulled off the aircraft may have had on this vs. doing it all prior to boarding. Clearly the time delay had nothing to do with the increased amount though.

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