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Unless there is same major calamity, Frontier will post "unheard of numbers" in terms of load factor this summer. Bedford expects the Q3 load factor to be 90% or higher.
That's pretty remarkable, although I hope they are able to regulate these high loads successfully to avoid excessive spill and bumping (voluntary and involuntary). It's fantastic in one regard to have such success in filling seats, but it can potentially make every day seem like the Sunday after Thanksgiving with all the associated problems...regularly not being able to buy an open seat when you need it, service problems, inability to recover from irregular operations, no protection for irrop passengers, etc.

To paraphrase Yogi, they run the risk of becoming so popular nobody goes there anymore.

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5) Stretch seating has been a success. Bedford said "It's full. We probably could actually use more Stretch seating."
Probably time for the price adjustments for Stretch discussed earlier. I would be very curious to know how many seats are free to FF elites and how many are paid for.

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The first E-170 with the new Stretch seating configuration will roll out in June and the entire E-170 Frontier-branded fleet will have the product by the end of November.Gogo will be available on the entire Frontier E-170 fleet by August.[/url]
In the press release the other day about the fee changes, Ian Arthur's quote was "These are the first of many improvements you'll see as we continue to integrate with our partner, Midwest Airlines, and develop a single branded carrier operating under the Frontier Airlines name." I wonder if these changes are "them" or if there are other things up their sleeve at the moment.

At any rate, I'm eager to see what's coming.

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8) Republic is looking at expanding the regional jet fleet (E135 and E145) and may base some planes in Denver.
The most interesting comment to my eyes as conventional wisdom is that RJ's under 70 seats are a dying segment and marginal at best. BB himself said a few months back that they did not expect RJ's in Denver. Now this could be a function of such factors as (a) Needing to replace the Q400's in a few months and finding demand or aircraft availability not suited to use the E170, or perhaps (b) they know of some RJ's which will come out of fee-for-departure service and are looking for a home for them. It's worth remembering that Republic kind of has best-of-both worlds when it comes to the RJ's in the branded operation...(1) They don't have to pay someone else a premium to fly them for them like big airlines give a profit margin in fee-for-departure deals (2) They have the benefits of scale by flying scores of RJ's, (3) The RJ aircraft is not in high demand so they can get additional shells if necessary for comparably cheap prices.

I wonder if they are thinking of a sizable operation there with many new routes, or if it is primarily about replacing remaining Q400's. If it's the latter, they could keep them primarily east but rotate aircraft and crews west via midpoints like GRB, DSM, OMA, MSN, etc.
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