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I think I've figured it out: US is the official consolidator for premium class travel in *A.

Here's my logic:

- US is notoriously stingy with their OWN inventory.
- *A members don't list inventory available for partner awards unless they think they aren't going to sell it, and it's not usually the REALLY good stuff (SQ R/suites, probably LH 380 F, and so on). Case in point- I find more F inventory on SEA-FRA-SEA on LH than J (which makes sense- companies will pay for J, but not so much F).
- *A probably is providing the inventory to US at some discount. I would guess LESS than what US is selling the miles for (but not a lot less).
- US just needs to make a few hundred on the miles+booking fees, and they make money.

So it's a win (US DM purchasers get access to cheap J/F)-win (*A partners fill seats that were going to be empty anyway and get at least SOMETHING out of the deal)- win (US makes a few hundred on each ticket). Of course, if *A starts shrinking the premium cabins, we're hosed, but hey, might as well enjoy it while it lasts. I have to say that ~$1500 for a trip in J that can cover Europe AND good chunks of Asia (and ~$2000 for F) is a pretty amazing deal.

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