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Originally Posted by kevinsac View Post
This is such a true statement. I have some friends who transited FRA (UA to LH) several years ago. They ended up going thru passport control several times within 5 minutes .... and the last time, the immigrations officer said "Uhhhh....weren't jsut here a few minutes ago?"

For my co-worker, she arrives on UA 944 at 5:45 am on a Saturday morning. She departs on LH 3840 at 7:30 am.

Hasn't UA moved over to Terminal 1? Do they not arrive at the upper gates (A50-A60s)? Does she not just simply need to find the gate info for the connecting flight to Rome, clear immigration, and then go downstairs to the lower A gates (A1-A40s)?

Unless .... they park at a remote terminal, in which case it is more challenging to figure it out!
The best bet is to check the LH website for Arrivals/Departures the day of or the day before their flight. This is pretty accurate info and will let you know what to tell them. I do know that my last UA flight arrived in the A gates, but that doesn't mean that is always where UA arrives.

I find that the most common problem is that people don't follow signs and tend to go all the way out to the main terminal/baggage claim areas. This is especially true when arriving in the C gates.
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