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Originally Posted by andymell View Post
As a regular at FRA, I can tell you that the "beginner's guide" on the M&M board is quite good, and kept reasonably up-to-date. BUT, it's very hard to predict what gates your flight will be using, so it's hard to give step-by-step directions.

If I were in your place I'd give the following advice:
-if you arrive with more than 1 hour before your departure, you have time to shop, relax, etc. If not, you should proceed directly to the departure gate.
-check the departure board for the gate # and then follow the signs.
-you'll need to pass through immigration, but will not reclaim your luggage. Make sure you get in the non-EU lines.
-after immigration, you'll need to reclear security. You can leave your shoes on, but the metal detectors in FRA are more sensitive than the US. Also, they will carefully examine your freedom baggie, so make sure that it is out of your carryon.
-if you get confused or in trouble, then ask one of the LH personnel for help. They tend to be better informed than FRAPORT personnel.
Very good advice. For novices though I would advise getting to the gate for FCO and not shopping even if more than an hour. No matter how many times I transit FRA, every so-often I screw up and get disoriented (could have used more sleep!) and make a wrong turn.
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