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as many as you want

I just closed my Chase Freedom card because they changed it from a 3% cash back card to some crazy points scheme...and when I applied for the United card they told me no, and when i called to find out why they said I could have the United card if I closed my Freedom card. Rebalancing was not an option....they gave me the United card, but left the freedom card open ( i paid the balance but when i called to close it the payment hadnt posted on their screen yet, so they kept it open and approved the united card) they told me I could close it later....so after vacation I managed to get my last $50 cash back check from the freedom card and called to close it. The guy says you dont have to close it...I said they told me twice that was my only option. Nope he says you can keep it if you want.....pissed me off.
so anyway I ask him how many cards can I have at one time because this was the first time i have ever been denied and was told rebalancing was not an option, I had to close one of my 2 existing cards...the guy says nope, you can have as many cards at one time as you want. The only other reason I can think of is I opened a chase Sapphire card less than a month earlier...so you can have as many as you like, just space the apps out at least 30 days.
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