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along those lines >
Wynn: If you take the ticket price and mutliply it by 60 shows at 1500 people a show and you take $125 a ticket and you say well, 'That won't work plus the cost of a jet.'

Friess: Am I wrong?

Wynn: No, you’re right.

Friess: So, how does it work?

Wynn [Laughing]: I don’t wanna tell ya.

Friess [Sighing]: OK.

Wynn: ...When I got through with Beyonce...we made a terrific amount of money because of the casino. Remember, our only source of income is not the tickets. We have rooms, we have food, beverage and gambling
in other words the 90K+ people, rather than the $10mm

MikeE's story of a baccarat player who lost $2MM 2 nights in a row (total $4MM) pretty much sums up gambling

wynn: "[clubs] could do over $150 million for us, with a profit margin in the mid-40s."

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