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Originally Posted by freeman_swe View Post

Im organizing a business trip to New York and since the whole group is flying in economy i thought I should try OT for myself.

Is it possible to only upgrade myself if I book all of us on the same ticket?

No. See #2.

UTo Rules

1) Upon completing UTo Sign-up, you
a. cannot opt out of the UTo program and cannot change any of the selected UTo Class;
b. authorize Optiontown to upgrade you, at the sole discretion of Optiontown; and
c. have agreed to pay UTo Sign-up Price and Upgrade Price. UTo Sign-up Price is Non-Refundable. If
you are not upgraded to the selected class in a flight by Optiontown, Upgrade Price for that flight will be
automatically refunded within 5 business days after the flight departure.

2) In the event Optiontown upgrades you to any of the selected UTo Class,
a. you will be entitled to all the facilities associated with your UTo Class except Baltic miles (miles will
be allocated as per the Economy Class);
b. all passengers in a booking reference number (PNR) shall be upgraded together; and
c. you will be informed about the upgrade on the email address provided by you.

3) You need to contact your airline if you desire to make changes or if your airline makes any changes to
your flight before/after Optiontown upgrades you. In all such cases, normal policies of your airline shall
apply. In the event you make any changes in your itinerary, Optiontown may choose not to upgrade you.
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