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Originally Posted by AFJon View Post
Nothing but poor customer service, and if I was the only delayed customer....but considering at least two more flights landed after I did I'm going out on a limb and thinking they lost a fair amount of revenue.
I doubt they care, since DTG's business model is to provide less customer service than the competition.

When you rent from Thirty, you have to accept that you are going to receive less service than you would have received from their competition. When your plane lands, you might find that Thrifty might be the only "in terminal" rental that has a van shuttling you to an offsite location (BUF), have noticeably less frequent shuttle service than their competition (ORD), be the farthest car rental lot from the terminal (DEN), and be open for less hours than the competition.

You'll get less service, but that is offset by the lower rental cost -- in your case, the 24-hour rental was apparently less than a cab ride.

To me, Thrifty's lower rates are worth the trade off. I take advantage of the blue chip line when I pick up cars and I avoid scheduling flight arrivals close to their closing times.
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