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Domestic pax not allowed to access Int'l Concourse in BWI?

I'm now in BWI and just had some arguments with the TSA staff.
I sent an email to [email protected]. While waiting for their reply, I'd also like to know how you guys think?

Below is the email sent to TSA:
Dear TSA

I’m now in BWI Airport and had a very unpleasant experience with your staff in Concourse E at 4:10PM, today (May 16th).

I obtained my boarding passes from American Airlines in Concourse C, but tried to go into Concourse E to visit the Chesapeake Club, which is the only Club in BWI. I have done that in December, 2009 and again in March. My parents have also done that in August, 2009. We had never experienced any difficulty. However, today I was told by your staff in Concourse E that only international passengers are allowed to enter Concourse E. Since most airports do not even separate domestic and international departure areas, and going through securities does not involve going through customs, what he said really puzzled me. I then ask him if he could show me where this rule came from, since I have done that before and was never told so, but he refused to show me where the rule came from. He then told me that every airport is different, and that this is a BWI-specific rule. Finally, I asked for his name, but he again refused, which in my understanding should not be acceptable. I did see on his name tag something that might spells “Gruz.”

Please clarify if BWI has this specific rule prohibiting domestic passengers from accessing Concourse E, and whether or not your staffs are allowed to refuse showing their names and rules when a passenger asked for them.

Thank you very much!

Sincerely yours,
(My full name)
By the way, does anyone know how long it takes TSA to reply this kind of message. Their website says "prompt" but I don't know how quickly "prompt" is.

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