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Originally Posted by vail View Post
but what if they changed it to a prop plane with 5 stops
Then that would involve a schedule change and you'd be entitled to a free change or refund. In your real case, there is no schedule change.

when is this nonsense going to stop?
What exactly is "nonsense"? The fact that a restricted ticket is not changeable without paying the penalty? Everyone here knows that equipment changes happen and there is never any guarantee, and we just have to accept that. The airline is certainly not trying to pull one over on us by swapping a 757 for a 767, they're just trying to run their business as optimally as they can.

That said, I'd point out that the CoC excerpt posted above is really related to AA's (lack of) liability for schedule changes or delay. Meaning you can't sue them for damages if you miss an important meeting. The issue of them waiving change fees for advance schedule changes is more a customer service issue than a contract issue, and while they still fall on the stingy side of things, most of us know that, and there's certainly no reason to expect any waivers.
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