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Originally Posted by greentips View Post
When you answer their questions, you give them something to be used against you. So, don't answer their questions. You own it, proof is available in the appropriate forum and you're happy to provide the proof which is available at another location. How stuff got there is not their concern. Their only concern: did you infringe? answer: no. Nothing further need be said.
I think that's the best synopsis of how to handle what should be considered an illegal fishing expedition by no-class thugs. (Not all CBP are no-class thugs, but Amos and Andy that you met at the border on this trip qualify.)

Of course, had I been in your position, when they asked if they could search my laptop, the first words out of my mouth would have been "Do you mind if I ask what you will be looking for prior to considering whether or not I consent to your questionable and intrusive search of my personal life?" After getting their answer, my response would have been "No, you may not search my laptop"-- no matter what they said. They may be able to do so anyway, but why make life easy for them to conduct a highly questionable search that only serves to give them hard-ons for exercising their power over others?
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