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Originally Posted by zkzkz View Post
Just to be clear I'm not disputing whether a cheap fare + LMU ends up being a good deal. I'm just saying that once you've spent the money on the cheap fare it's no longer relevant how cheap it is to judging whether to take the LMU.
The total price also has to do with a person's budget.

Let's say I have $2000 budgeted for YYZ-NRT which fares can range depending on your flexibility. If I have to by a fare that comes in at say $1800ai and am offered an upgrade for $849 It's over my budget and either not worth it or even not possible.

But if I got a $1100ai fare then I can do the upgrade within my budget and I'm flying upfront for what I was already prepared to pay.

This can be even more relevant to people traveling on the company dime who just care about how much they are going to expense back.

I don't disagree with your view. I think we all chose different views at times to try and justify what we want to do :-)
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