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Guess I should be more clear. Issue wasn't the NrSAs - shoudnt have mentioned it. Issue was 4 open seats. I wasnt aware that it was a rule that there had to be 4 - which I get. 2 were used for about 2 hrs and the other 2 were only used for storage. Seemed a waste of premium space to me - but now I understand why
There is no issue. DM's in the back didnt pay for the BE seats nor used their SWUs or miles. Therefore they are not eligible to sit in BE. If DL (or any other airline) was giving premium BE seats on their transatlantic and tranpacific flights for free to their top elites, those seats would never be paid for. There is something called revenue protection, fare rules and SkyMiles rules. I don't understand what is this thread about.
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