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Originally Posted by brad9696 View Post
Anyone else seen this ?

I was on DL 247 yesterday (AMS->MSP). Door closing, 6 open seats in BE. I upgraded on SWU's for this one.

2 NRSA's (I assume - crew tags on luggage, hugging, talking with other FA's etc) overheard they were in AMS for 5 days vacation and were returning to MSP - took 2 of the seats.

Of the remaining 4 crew taped (literally) off 2 of them (which were used for about 2 hrs during the flight for crew rest) and the other 2 were used as storage during the flight for various food and beverage prep - and crew "stuff" (bags of immigration forms etc.)

I know that there was at least one DM in coach (met him at gate).

I am sympathetic to the need for DL to maximize revenue (I paid my M fare, used SWU's) but it seems there are much better uses for BE seats than for crew storage. Why not put a DM there ?
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